Innovations in Cooking Technology
If you’ve ever started out on a trip only to have to turn back to make sure you turned off the oven, you’ll appreciate some of the newest developments in cooking technology. The most recent cooking innovations are centered around high-tech connectivity and automation, but there’s a little something for everyone to look forward to, whether you’re a beginning cook or a seasoned chef.

In fact, if you want someone or something else to do the cooking for you, that will soon be available with the Sereneti Cooki robotic arm. Positioned over a cook top, the Wi-Fi enabled arm performs all of the mixing, stirring and sauteing for you. To make cooking even easier, you can also purchase pre-packaged food trays of fresh ingredients, pop the trays in Cooki, and the robotic arm combines it all and cooks it for you.

Voice activated oven ranges are also on the horizon with Dacor’s Discovery IQ smart ovens. You can turn the oven on and off, set timers and switch from cooking to warming from just about anywhere. The ovens include a tablet with recipes that can be linked with the Android IQ cooking app.

Cameras are the name of the game with Panasonic’s future kitchen. Cameras are inside the fridge, oven and dishwasher, allowing consumers to monitor appliances from afar on a tablet or smart phone. Cameras placed in drawer fridges help you see what you have on hand while you’re at the grocery store, and the smart app also suggests dinner ideas based on the foods showing on the fridge camera. The futuristic kitchen also sports self-stirring pots and induction cook tops that recognize the size, shape and weight of your pan. It also has space-saving Wi-Fi accessories that pop up from a hidden compartment.

With Whirlpool’s new connected, interactive backsplash and cook top, you can forget having to pick up a smart phone or tablet altogether. Part of the company’s kitchen of the future, the backsplash and cook top connects to your digital recipes and social media sites so you can follow recipes and socialize with friends digitally while you cook.

Of course, not all of the exciting developments in cooking technology involve cameras, Wi-Fi or connectivity. Viking’s TurboChef Speedcook Double Oven is a case in point, with its airspeed cooking technology that is 15 times faster than traditional cooking. It features 450 pre-set cooking modes so you don’t have to guess on cooking time, and the oven allows you to roast, broil, air-crisp, dehydrate, toast and bake quickly and easily. The top of the double ovens can also be switched to microwave mode if you’re really in a hurry.

Keeping up with and mastering new oven technology is our passion at Adv Oven Repair, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Even if you have the latest, most advanced range or stove, we’re here to help keep your ranges in excellent working order.
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