• Won’t turn on
  • won’t heat
  • Heats high
  • element doesn’t heat
  • Timer not work
  • Broiler won’t work
  • Other trable

Won’t turn on

Many ovens use internal fuses to help operate the heating systems, and a blown fuse can prevent the oven from starting. If your repair professional suspects this as a cause, the technician will check the bake element and its wiring. The repair pro will also look for any other fuses that may be at fault and their connected components to determine the scope of the issue.


Oven won’t heat

If the bake element fails, the oven often won’t heat at all. An oven repair expert will perform a visual inspection of the element to look for obvious signs of damage or wear. If the element is damaged, it needs replacement. If the element is intact, the technician will check if the element heats at all, then check the electrical continuity.


Heats too high

The temperature sensor is a common culprit for electric ovens or ranges that won’t start. Located on the inside rear wall of the oven, sensors are connected to the oven thermostat. A repair professional will check the oven’s fault codes first, then use a multimeter to check the sensor’s resistance, looking for a normal reading of 1,000 to 1,100 Ohms.


Heating element doesn’t heat

On electric stove tops that won’t heat, the surface burner heating wire may be at fault. The repair professional will check the wiring on the burner elements and look for corrosion or other damage to the wiring’s terminal ends. If there is damage to the wiring, the oven expert will likely recommend also replacing the terminal block.


Timer won’t work

An electrical control board manages most of an oven’s important functions, including the oven timer. If the timer isn’t working, the repair technician will check the oven for relevant fault codes and verify whether power is flowing at the output relay. The technician will recommend the control board be replaced if there is no output voltage


Broiler won’t work

If the broiler’s heat is inadequate, it is often the fault of a malfunctioning or damaged broiler element. A professional oven repair technician will examine the element for damage, check electrical continuity and examine the wiring and terminals. If the element or wiring is damaged or the electrical continuity is interrupted, the technician will recommend replacement


Other trable

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